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ASIS Cleveland Chapter, logo, Security Professionals, Advancing Security in Northeast Ohio       


ASIS Cleveland Chapter

~ Advancing Security in Northeast Ohio ~

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Professional Security, Cleveland, Ohio









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Cleveland & Northeast Ohio

ASIS - (pronounced "AS- IS" )


What is ASIS? ASIS formerly was the American Society for Industrial Security, evolving over the past 50 years to become international in scope - having over 35,000 members worldwide.
Now, ASIS International.

Security and Loss Prevention Professionals, ASIS Cleveland, Advancing Security in Northeast Ohio

Welcome to the Cleveland Chapter


A proud history. Individual security practitioners coming together to help each other in different ways, people who understand what security is all about, the problems, the issues, the opportunities. Working together since 1957.


This website is designed primarily to serve our members as a representation of professional security, its practice, and its issues. If you're a security pro or you have a serious, vital interest in security, you are invited to join. Security, military, law enforcement, attorneys, HR, and others are welcome! Some membership benefits are most valuable to members...



 Information, Education, Standards, Certification, Shared Concerns, Networking, Contacts, Friendship, Camaraderie, and Contributing to the Chapter and to the Profession of Security


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A variety of recent educational programs offered to members locally at meetings. These provided by top experts in the field in their areas.
Specialized Education. It's important.

  • A Different Approach to Active Shooter and Emergency Response

  • Mail Center Security and Dangerous Mail Investigations

  • Active Shooter Case Study:  What to expect from a logistics and communication perspective

  • Current Trends in Cyber Crime

  • Forensic Advances  in DNA Technology

  • Medical Marijuana Truths and Myths

  • Cyber Crime Trends:  The Evolving Threat Landscape

  • Securing the Homeland, an Overview of Homeland Security Investigations

  • How to Survive a Hostage Situation

  • Advancements in Technology for Physical Security

Please feel free to contact me or other officers for answers to questions or assistance. Thank you.

ASIS International - Cleveland OH Chapter Chair


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Professional Security, Cleveland, Ohio


ASIS Cleveland Chapter, logo, Security Professionals, Advancing Security in Northeast Ohio

ASIS Cleveland Chapter

~ Advancing Security in Northeast Ohio ~
(formerly American Society for Industrial Security)

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