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ASIS Cleveland Chapter, logo, Security Professionals, Advancing Security in Northeast Ohio       


ASIS Cleveland Chapter

~ Advancing Security in Northeast Ohio ~

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The Chapter is self-funded and self-sustaining, local dues supported, independent financially, receiving no monies from the parent organization.







Professional Security, Cleveland, Ohio


















































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  DUES & 




Make credit card payments to ASIS Cleveland for local dues


To pay dues or to make ANY PAYMENT due to the Chapter,

like meeting and luncheon payments:

ASIS International Dues:

Click button to pay dues at ASIS International
and SIGN IN to pay dues at
  www.asisonline.org   (should open in a new window)

Pay ASIS Inter. dues by credit card



ASIS CLEVELAND Local Dues or Meetings or Other Payments

NOTE:  2024 Dues continue at $ 25.00 Regular Members (Only $2.08 per mo.) $10.00 Students! We need your support.

Click the PayPal "Buy Now" logo below. Indicate what the payment is for and who whom
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only $25 ($10 for students). To pay by CREDIT CARD, click PayPal right below, or scroll down for other payment methods.
Please indicate clearly the LAST NAME(S) of who the dues payment covers. 

NEW PAYPAL ACCOUNT FOR 2022 and beyond is active.

Major credit cards accepted PayPal accepted

NOTE:  Upon exiting PayPal - if you see an ad it is not our doing. Please ignore if you see that after paying. Thank you.


NOTE from the Chair:  ?Along with the other officers, I thank you for promptly paying your dues in support of your chapter. WE RECEIVE NO DIRECT FINANCIAL SUPPORT FROM ASIS INTERNATIONAL, and have no other viable means of generating income to support chapter activities. Your dues, then, are vital, and I say this as some members are not aware of this fact. Dues support pays for basic operations, mailings, administration, other costs necessary to run the chapter, and are a basic responsibility of being a member of ASIS regardless of any level of participation in chapter activities. It is not a burdensome amount of money, but it certainly does matter greatly. We thank you for your support.?  ANDREW ADE, Chair

ASIS Cleveland dues are NOT OPTIONAL, but REQUIRED. With chapter membership that is made mandatory by ASIS International, ASIS has assigned you as a member of the Cleveland Chapter or you have chosen Cleveland as your chapter. As an ASIS International member, to be in good standing, you are required to abide by the ASIS Bylaws and Code of Ethics, as was attested to and agreed to in your application to join ASIS. Annual chapter dues are required to be paid in support of chapter activities to benefit all members and the security profession, regardless of any participation level in chapter activities. Thank you!

NEW MEMBER? On joining ASIS local dues are due if joining prior to Sept. 1st. Joining after September, dues cover the balance of the year and ALL of the following year.

REQUIRED MEMBERSHIP:  YOU MUST be a member of ASIS International to be a member of the chapter. If you are not a member of ASIS International, you can't independently join or be a member of ASIS Cleveland. Scroll down to see MORE INFORMATION AND OPTIONS.  Paying dues for the CURRENT CALENDAR YEAR as a single payer or payments for several members, Please indicate clearly LAST NAMES of who dues payments are for. Thank you.

Make credit card payments to ASIS Cleveland for local dues
REGULAR MEMBERS (most all):  Local chapter dues that are required are only $25.00 and are in support of basic chapter activities and operations - the chapter is self-funded and self-sustaining - we receive no funding from ASIS International dues and we exist on funds we are able to generate from dues, events, and ASIS Cleveland activities. Dues are our base and help to support meetings, mailings, the website and communications, the membership directory, contributions or support of important events that ASIS Cleveland participates in, and
that are in support of security and the security profession.

$25.00 dues annually, equal to $ 2.08 per month, or
$ 0.07 a day to support security & your chapter

STUDENT MEMBERS (active, enrolled):  local dues, $10.00 annually, equal to $ .83 per month.


  • Receive chapter communications, bulletins, news, etc.

  • Access to employment opportunities postings, etc.

  • Exclusive, private, member only email communications

  • Listing in ASIS Cleveland Membership directories on line if and when posted or when printed/distributed

  • Discounts on items or services, when offered

  • Topical and expert speakers and panels

  • Networking and contacts with private and public security professionals

  • Sponsorship, volunteer, and other opportunities when available

  • Assistance with certification preparation and issues, and more...

MEMBERSHIP IS INDIVIDUAL - NOT COMPANY:  Dues are per each individual member, and as membership is individual, there are no dues for an organization.

Invoicing & New Members:  Dues are generally billed to members and paid previous to the beginning of the next year. Those joining during the year pay when they join. Notices to existing members are sent via mail. New member? Please make payment.

Options for Payment: 
IN PERSON:  Cash or Check at a meeting at meeting registration
CREDIT CARD:  one-time payment for the current calendar year; if Sept.-Dec., plus next year.
MAIL CHECK:  Please make checks payable -  Treasurer, ASIS Cleveland, and mail to the Treasurer. Treasurer name and address is located here: 
Officers-Contact Info

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Professional Security, Cleveland, Ohio


ASIS Cleveland Chapter, logo, Security Professionals, Advancing Security in Northeast Ohio

ASIS Cleveland Chapter

~ Advancing Security in Northeast Ohio ~
(formerly American Society for Industrial Security)

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