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  Law Enforcement Appreciation
(& Previous Major Event)  




Please scroll down for details/photos on this past very special event 
2009 ASIS Cleveland & ASIS Akron Canton Special Joint Event

Law Enforcement Appreciation


Luncheon & Meeting Honoring Law Enforcement"


(below) ASIS Member Keith Lavery, former Copley, Ohio Police Officer,
and formerly Criminal Justice Instructor, Polaris Career Center

Keith R. Lavery

Editor's Note:  On August 7th,2011, an active shooter walked the streets of Keith Lavery's neighborhood in Copley, Ohio. What follows here is ASIS Chair Tom Scott's Special Recognition of member and ASIS Cleve. Executive Committee member, Keith Lavery, presented and read aloud at the ASIS meeting on September 16th.2011.

"Recently, most if not all of us watched or read about the tenth anniversary of the tragic events of 9-11. We remembered the terribly evil actions perpetrated by a few individuals that belonged to an organization bent on destroying as many American lives as possible. And we more importantly remember the countless acts of extraordinary bravery by firefighters, law enforcement officers, security personnel, and ordinary citizens who on that day did what they could to save lives and in the case of Flight 93, prevent even more destruction and loss of life. It is a day that all of us will always remember.

In light of all the things that happened on that day, it is easy to forget sometimes that tragic events occur on an unfortunately regular basis, albeit on a much smaller scale. Firefighters rush into burning buildings, police officers chase after criminals that intentionally cause harm to our citizens and communities.

One of these tragic incidents took place on August 7th in Copley when a quiet neighborhood was rocked by gunshots as a shooter embarked on a killing spree. Cleveland ASIS member Keith Lavery lives in this neighborhood and when hearing these gunshots, did not lock the doors and wait for law enforcement to arrive. Ex-police officer Keith Lavery did what he was trained to do and after Tom Scott, CPPsecuring his son, grabbed his police officer wife’s service weapon and went towards the sound of gunfire. Meeting up with a single police officer that just arrived, Keith did what was necessary to assist in stopping this killer.

I watched the TV interview of Keith Lavery and it did not surprise me in the least bit that he gave all of the credit to the police officer that responded to the scene. But what I want to do right now is recognize Keith’s actions and acknowledge the fact that Keith did not hesitate to put himself in danger, just as he did every time he made a traffic stop or checked out a burglar alarm and all of the other activities he engaged in as a police officer.

Keith, on behalf of our chapter I want to thank you for your service and the selfless action that more than likely prevented more loss of life. Our hearts go out to your family and your neighbors for this terrible tragedy that befell all of you. We are proud to be a colleague of yours and I know that you will continue to be an inspiration to all of us and more importantly to your students at Polaris."

- - Tom Scott, CPP, ASIS Cleveland Chair

2009 ASIS Cleveland & ASIS Akron Canton Special Joint Event
"Law Enforcement Appreciation
Luncheon & Meeting Honoring Law Enforcement"
WAS HELD:  2009, October 16, Friday

Special Speaker - Pete Elliot, U.S. Marshal
Fugitive Task Force, Northern Ohio

See PHOTOS and PDF Flyer below

PDFThe 2009 Event Information Form is provided for reference and additional information about the event. Click below - PDF should download or open in a new browser.

Location:   AMVETS Post 176, 3944 Wheatley Road, Richfield, Ohio 44286

Letter to Chief McGrath, CPD, in appreciation:  PDF

Event Summary - also see PDF for the event description and purposes above and photos below:         (PHOTOS MAY TAKE TIME TO LOAD)
     Comments heard at the conclusion of the event ran like this:  "This was just so good. I'm glad I didn't miss this."  "I was moved."  "Pete Elliott was right on the money about how we're all in this together, and we are."  "First class. I'm really proud to be in security." "I actually got chills when the bagpipes were playing."  And many more, because the event really was outstanding.
     Approximately 120 came together at this event from the ranks of police, from patrolmen to detectives to chiefs, judges, and security professionals from Cleveland and Akron and Canton. It opened with the Cleveland Pipes and Drums, the Pledge of Allegiance, and a warm welcome by Chairs of the two ASIS chapters, Ray Hewitt and Tim Dimoff, as well as speaking about the purpose of the event and the honoring of law enforcement. After a good luncheon and many conversations at the tables, Pete Elliot was both informative and eloquent and moving with the information he shared and the stories he told, a leader and a rising star to be sure. Holly Miktarian, wife of slain officer Josh Miktarian, was present, also a police officer in her own right, and she was recognized by all and spoke briefly. With a salute and a hearty round of applause for those in law enforcement, the event came to a close.

Law Enforcement Event Photo
Police and security mingle and talk as people filed in...

Law Enforcement Event Photo
The sound of bagpipes pierce the silence as the Cleveland Police Pipes & Drums solemnly enter the hall...

Law Enforcement Event Photo

followed by the steady beat of drums.

Law Enforcement Event Photo

Law Enforcement Event Photo

From the front of the room Ray Hewitt, ASIS Cleveland Chair, and Tim Dimoff, ASIS Akron-Canton Chair, call the meeting to order and welcome everyone.

Law Enforcement Event Photo

Pete Elliot, U.S. Marshal, makes a strong point in taking everyone back to the very beginnings of law enforcement in the U.S.

Law Enforcement Event Photo

Pete answers a myriad of questions after his talk...

Law Enforcement Event Photo

Ray Hewitt (left) and Tim Dimoff present Pete Elliot with a certificate of appreciation.

Law Enforcement Event Photo

Holly Miktarian heads back to her seat after accepting a basket of cheer from the chapters.

Visit the U.S. Marshal's website for northern Ohio:

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