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ASIS Cleveland Chapter, logo, Security Professionals, Advancing Security in Northeast Ohio       

ASIS Cleveland Chapter

~ Advancing Security in Northeast Ohio ~
(formerly American Society for Industrial Security)

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Website Advertising to Security Industry in Cleveland, NE Ohio

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2006 Website of the Year Award
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2014 Website of the Year Award

Numbers, Quality:  While visits do vary, in general we average hundreds of unique visits and repeat visits (not "hits" and not robots - actual, single visitors) to this website, per month, 1000's and thousands per year. Members and others. A special niche, this is not about huge numbers, but is about quality, about who visits and why... more, including ad rates and order form, contact below:


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  • If professional security in NE Ohio is important to you as a market, or those people who are interested in and looking for a security vendor are important, this is the place they visit; this is the place they converge. Security pros, those looking for security vendors, business people, etc. 

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  • A CENTRAL TENET:  No one visits a website and spends significant time there where they don't have a serious interest in the subject (do you? Isn't your answer "No"?) - in this case, security.

Website Ad & Sponsorship Rates and Additional Information:

If you don't have an ad or ads, we can provide custom, professionally done ads for you to IAB specs. For rates and further information contact Don Calderwood, Hawkeye Services, ASIS Cleveland Webmaster: Call me and discuss your interest. I'll send you a rate card, program details, and all that you need. We'll help you design a "program" that fits your objectives, using multiple ads in key locations economically over time, and that delivers long term benefits.

Security and Loss Prevention Professionals, ASIS Cleveland, Advancing Security in Northeast OhioPhone Don Calderwood, Webmaster, ASIS Cleveland:  440-352-0393

Support Professional Security

  • Sponsorship and advertising revenues assist members in meeting important security initiatives

  • Support the chapter as a vehicle to meet the organizational objectives of the membership

  • Support the ASIS Cleveland Mission:  Advancing Security in Northeast Ohio

  • Support actions and activities that are primarily educational in nature, as well information sharing and linkages between members and others

  • Support ASIS Cleveland as it interfaces with public and private organizations with concerns regarding security, public safety, emergency response, business continuity, terrorism and civil disaster, pandemics, etc.

Importance of Financial Support:  The ASIS Cleveland Chapter is and must necessarily be self-sustaining, self-supporting from its actions and activities. Dues paid to ASIS International do not support the chapter operations. Local dues are minimal, by design, to not place blocks to membership growth. Therefore, sponsorship and advertising become central to sustain member and chapter efforts and programs.

Applicable to all advertising and sponsorship - Acceptance:
ASIS Cleveland reserves the right to reject advertising deemed unsuitable to the professional security community, or from organizations that are deemed to be in conflict with the aims, purposes, or objectives of ASIS Cleveland. No Endorsement. Acceptance or display of advertising carries no endorsement or implication of endorsement of an organization, its products, or its services by ASIS Cleveland, nor of its officers or members. Please inquire if you have questions. 






Professional Security, Cleveland, Ohio

For rates and further information contact Don Calderwood,
ASIS Cleveland Webmaster, at:

Phone: 440-352-0393



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ASIS Cleveland Chapter, logo, Security Professionals, Advancing Security in Northeast Ohio

ASIS Cleveland Chapter

~ Advancing Security in Northeast Ohio ~
(formerly American Society for Industrial Security)

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